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Belt Exam
Saturday 12/16/2023


Test Instructions

  • See the chart below to see if you are eligible to test

  • Test Fees are $55 for all ranks.

  • On the sheet at the dojo Under the “Makeup or No Test” column please write “Yes” if you need to reschedule your test or “No Test” if you don’t feel you are ready to test.

  • All test fees are due prior to testing. Students on ACH for tuition will be billed through ACH for the test unless Sensei Curley is notified prior to the test.

  • Please make sure your belt size is correct on the sheet below, if you need a different size, mark it on the sheet at the dojo. There are sample sizes (white belts on the black bench).

  • Arrive at the dojo 20 minutes prior to your test, to warm up. The test should take approximately an hour and 30 minutes. 

  • Seating is limited and on a first come basis, parents and guests may want to bring a camping chair.

  • The Belt Ceremony will be held on Friday, December 22nd during regular class times. 

Eligible to Test

     Student                            Time                Rank                                     Size  ACH   

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