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The Facility

The Meridian building

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First Class Facilities

Lobby of Atascadero Shotokan

There is viewing area for guests and family members who want to observe classes.  Most importantly, our dojo has a clean and safe environment that is conducive for people to learn their art.

Vistor's Viewing Area

Our dojo features a wooden floor, which has been specially designed to minimize and absorb shock that results from high impact activities so that it is not so hard on your bones and joints.  The floor is built with neoprene rubber underneath to provide a nice "bounce".

Dojo floor

The Training Floor

Balcony of Atascadero Shotokan

The balcony can be used for training during warmer times of the year. The fresh air and beautiful view of the hills of Atascadero can be very spiritual.

The Balcony

The fountain area is a great place for outdoor events such as pot lucks and social events. It has several large granite tables with sunshades surrounded by roses and plants.

Courtyard with fountain at the Meridian Building

The Fountain 

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